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Acupuncture treatment of sports injuries at the Flying Tigers Volleyball Tournament

by / Monday, 06 June 2022 / Published in Learning

Intense weekend of acupuncture treatment at volleyball tournament

On May 28-29, 2022, I provided complementary acupuncture for sports injuries to participants of the Flying Tigers Volleyball Tournament held at York University as part of clinic outreach.

(Participants agreed to have photos taken)

Altogether I treated about 20 patients each day. Since most of the participants were volleyball players, specific patterns of sports injuries and aches/pains were apparent. These include upper back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain (shaded in red). These injuries often consisted of pain located deep in the affected area, as opposed to superficial muscle pain. They would negatively impact player movement and mobility, especially in setting, serving, and in landing from a jump.

For many participants with older injuries, solely using needles through a meridian-based approach was often not enough to provide relief. Instead, relief was achieved instead through combined cupping and acupuncture treatment. However, for those with more superficial aches and pains, acupuncture often resolved the issue on the spot.

Many thanks to Glenda and Derrick from Vaughan Physiotherapy for their support and help with photos, and to William Feng for permission! Thanks to all of you who visited, and I hope to see you at the Canada Day volleyball tournament!

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